Eight Things To Do If You Got Chocolate On Your Smartphone

Chocolate Smartphone

Sometimes it simply can’t be helped. You’re enjoying a nice bar of your favourite chocolate, you’re pulling those button-shaped and candy-covered treats out of their too-small packages one by ever-loving one, you’ve got your fingers all in the wrapping paper and your tongue is making it clean, and somehow some of that chocolate has ended up smeared all over your smartphone.

Was it a warm day and you submerged the edge? Did some of the chocolate get on your knees and legs before you laid your smartphone down to rest? Are sticky fingers to blame as always? It doesn’t matter, because here are eight things you can do to make the best of it if you happen to have chocolate on your phone.

1. Rub the smartphone sensually over the areolas of your lover.

Chocolate 1-1

2. Spray it with perfume to layer the scent.

Chocolate 2

3. Drag it over canvas to produce a piece of fine art.

Chocolate 3

4. Dip and then lick it.

Chocolate 4

5. Put your hand in the chocolate to individualise your phone with your own hand print.

Chocolate 5

6. Put the phone on the dining table and use it as fondue.

Chocolate 6

7. Take it into the bathroom for a bathtime bonanza.

Chocolate 7

8. Check the warranty before showing to a smartphone specialist.

Chocolate 8

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