Corbyn’s U-Turn Leaves Us All Lumbered With Debt

When Jeremy Corbyn was asked if he wanted to see Britain suffer, under the yoke of European, or perhaps somehow Iranian, or simply good old fashioned home-grown debt, he responded – in spite of his extravagant spending policies – that as a matter of fact he would rather it not.

And when he was prodded and goaded and asked if he was a lover of debt, or whether he thought the most important thing was seeing the banks get on and do well, to both questions he muttered a typically glum ‘No’.

Actually, said Corbyn, he’s not much fond of too much debt, and he spoke of ‘reducing’ the ‘burden’ especially on students but on all, young or old.

And now having promised to wipe out all debt in a remarkable U-turn he’s suggesting it simply can’t be done!

Mothers, their credit cards maxed to the limit, had promised their children a ‘Merry Christmas’ after all. The move was set to save many a struggling small business. Car lovers felt guiltless as they took their borrowed wheels to the roads. The eradication of debt meant new train lines for London. Expenses be damned, politicians set about furnishing their second and third homes.

The Queen could rest easy over the refurb of Buckingham Palace. Amid soaring levels of household debt, low growth and falling wages, Corbyn’s bold promise offered Brexit Britain a ray of hope. Now that he’s taken that away from people, he stands accused as an Indian giver, as useless when it comes to local economic problems as he would be securing great global free trade.

The man’s nose could hardly grow any longer. European Union bureaucrats will protect his status for telling porky pies. After berating poor Theresa, we’ve found out who’s the real liar. Since none of us can trust him, surely now he has to go?

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