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Andy Murray Plays Maester Pycelle Over Wimbledon Hip Injury

In the depths of the capital secluded from sight and the balmy weather, a man stretches in his private chambers ahead of a grand performance. It is a performance he has undertaken many times before in his life, and as the crowd outside throngs and gathers, he touches his toes and completes jumping jacks and if anyone was present to…

If Braun Beats On Roman For A Year, Will Reigns Finally Get Over?

So Braun Strowman rudely interrupted an interview with the taciturn Roman Reigns this past Monday on Raw, and boy did he ever dole out the punishment! He tossed him face-first into a wall, snatched him by the throat before throwing him headlong through a table, and as Reigns lingered forlornly in the venue’s entrance way, Braun powerslammed him onto a…

At WrestleMania 33, WWE Conjures Yet Another Record Attendance

It was ‘The Ultimate Thrill Ride’ on ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’, ‘The Show of Shows’, ‘The Showcase of the Immortals’, ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment’. Adding to the list on an annual basis, this year’s WrestleMania had almost as many taglines as spectators. Almost – but not quite. For WrestleMania 33, which took place at the Camping…


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How To Evoke The Experience Of The Swimming Pool In Your Tiny Apartment

There was a time some time before today when us humans as a species routinely immersed ourselves in water. Gentleman frolicked in bathhouses at their leisure, mothers set their children in tin tubs by the fire, where the gentle scrubbing of dirty boys and girls produced a slick-smooth lather, northern Europeans hopped in lakes after their saunas, baptism meant being…

Five Ways To Reuse Last Year’s Box Of Valentine’s Chocolates

For a whole year now you’ve been gazing fondly at last year’s heart-shaped box of Valentine’s chocolates, fingering tenderly the hollowed out plastic insert and the curved piece of red card, and remembering how the treats tasted and the surprise on the face of your lover, and the night of tender romance which swiftly ensued. Of course your partner would never toss…

In The Kitchen With Jack Lemmon: How To Strain Spaghetti In A Pinch

It is Christmas, and against all the odds, you find yourself alone in your apartment with the object of the most ardent desire of your only heart. As they mill about the living room in a dressing gown or pop off to the bathroom in order to freshen up, you incorporate the kitchen, and sing opera with gusto while preparing…

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